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Need help on custom hat - invisible

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I looked at the scml provided in this sample by Klei



However the only image being used is "ground" png (swap_hat-3.png)

Q01: Why aren't the other 3 png files being used?

I looked at the scml files and both "ground" and "swap" are almost identical.


Also in the modmain.lua, there is this code:

AddSimPostInit( function()    local player_pos = GLOBAL.GetPlayer():GetPosition()    local hat = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab('hat_bee_bw')    hat.Transform:SetPosition(player_pos.x, player_pos.y, player_pos.z)end) 

Q02: Is this needed? I looked at "Devon" (a character mod with custom hat - a bird) and his modmain.lua doesn't have above code.


What am I missing....


Thank you.

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