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Thanks for the answer! but when you say "Bring the other things" what "things" do you mean?


You can find four things on every the map, located in unique set pieces. Their names are "potato thing" found in a farm, "crank thing"found near a pig house in a little savana with a 100% axe and a dead tree, "box thing" found near a gnome, a 100% spear and stone walls, and "ring thing" found  at the middle of a ring made of evil flowers.

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The problem here is one of capitalization.  They aren't talking about "things", they're talking about "Things."    Other than that what GalloViking said is the crux of the matter.


It's also worth noting that each Thing will be in a different biome, generally spread around the map.


-You can create a divining rod to help locate the things, though it takes some practice to get used to how it works.


-Before travelling to a new world you can build(but not place) buildings so that they're ready immediately on the other side. This greatly speeds up your start in the new world.


-You keep the items in your inventory including backpack, but Chester will not travel with you.  There will be a new Chester in the new world.


-By changing characters between worlds you can get exclusive items( EG Lucy the Axe, Willow's Lighter ) on characters who wouldn't otherwise be able to get them.

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