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Removing bad effects from mushroom for my characters

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Hello again! I'm still working on my character.


I wanted that when she eats mushrooms, she level up and gain a small amount of health. I succeed with that code:



if food and food.components.edible and food.prefab == "red_cap" or food.prefab == "green_cap" or food.prefab == "blue_cap" then

--give an upgrade!
inst.level = inst.level + 1


But how do you remove the bad effects from the mushrooms eaten raw ? Because ingame, my character is still hurts by the mushroom and says that it wasn't good.


Thanks you!

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@PtitENoli, I was referring to this part:

Add this to your master_postinit in the character prefab file:

local OldEat = inst.components.eater.Eatinst.components.eater.Eat = function(self, food)    if self:CanEat(food) and food.prefab:find("berries") then        food.components.edible.healthvalue = food.components.edible.healthvalue + 5    end    return OldEat(self, food)end
That should work for both cooked and raw berries. If you want just one of them, change the food.prefab:find() part to food.prefab == "berries" or "berries_cooked".


You can use the same approach, targeted to the prefab names of the mushrooms, to modify their food values for just your character.

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