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Plz, nerf ghost

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Hey everybody,


I think that actually ghost are really too powered. They can destroy your entire world (burn and break enverything) without disadvantages : They don't have to eat, find warm or light source and they can stay as a ghost as long as they want. You can't force them to rez if they don't want it :o


So, why giving ghost this kind of power ? Yeah, i understand that you have to keep everyone alive and help each other, so a ghost is a sort punishment for living people... But really, some people don't want to be rez : they are happy as a ghost and are only here to causing grief.


Of course, living people can be griefer too, but they can't only do that (they have to stay alive), they need tool to act AND, they can't pass these damn walls !!!


Why just to not give some other interesting power like find koelepant tracks or dig rabbit out of their hole ?



( I beg pour pardon, my english is not really good, i'm doing the best I can :grin: )



[EDIT] Woops, wrong forum, this one is for don't starve together. Maybe can you move my topic ? ^^'

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