[Gameplay] - Pengulls don't appear in winter!


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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Gameplay<br />Issue Title: Pengulls don't appear in winter!<br />Issue Description: Hey! I've bought and played DST for about 120hours which is a great joy of me these days. <br /><br />My friend and i are playing in survival mode using few mods like minimap, some characters, advanced farm and so on, with almost no crash, and it's been about 200 days. We both died several times and personal clock has been reset all the time. <br /><br />And then we found out that from some point, penguls don't appear in winter. We remember in the first winter or second, but now at the start of the winter we can't find any pengulls around. There are only icy ground they left from the first two winters and on the map we can see pengull icons on it, but no pengulls around. <br /><br />I wonder if it's some kind of bug or mod side effect. <br />Steps to Reproduce: We were playing for 200days with some mod. <br />
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