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Update 124021 - 01/20/2015

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  • Clients download the host’s mod configs now.
  • Client error messages are more clear now when they can’t join a server due to lacking the required mods.
  • Servers now get announce messages when their mods are out of date and stopping players from joining.
  • Dedicated servers can now enable mods and set mod configurations via a file in the mod’s folder named “modoverride.lua” (\mods\your_mod\modoverride.lua). An example of the contents of this file is

enabled = true
configuration_options =
hunt_time = 6

  • In Survival mode, if a world reset countdown is triggered due to a client losing connection, the countdown may now be cancelled if the client reconnects in time
  • Toggling the map screen no longer pauses audio
  • Display message when games are delisted due to a terms of service violation
  • Display UserID in the debug printout (backspace)
  • Override dedicated server save slot in settings.ini with:

server_save_slot = #


Bug Fixes

  • Examining skeletons will now properly show the player killer’s name
  • Fixed a bug where players could still craft while frozen
  • Fixed a bug where Crock Pots can sometimes remain opened while cooking
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour when using sleeping bags with a full inventory
  • Fixed a crash when taking an item from a Meat Bulb (Lureplant) that you already have a stack of
  • Windows dedicated servers now share the CPU
  • Added unique messages for client and server initialization failures
  • No longer loads MainScreen on dedicated servers
  • Fixed crash when a player joins during world generation
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