[General] - Game (client) selecting wrong LAN interface to look on


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Game (client) selecting wrong LAN interface to look on

Issue Description: When trying to search for servers in LAN, client shows no servers despite there is at least one (being connected to the same switch, within same subnetwork, on the same desk etc.).

It happens on machine where several interfaces are present: regular wired LAN card, wireless LAN card, NAT interface from VMWare Player, tunneling interface from VPN client.

Disabling (switching off from network connections list) "virtual" interfaces (VMWare, VPN) causes client to "see" LAN server in physical network.

This is known (for me) issue, several other programs behave similarly on this machine - if I can select "proper" interface to bind to, everything works OK, but if I let the program to choose "best" interface, things seem to mess up.

Steps to Reproduce: Use game client on machine with some "virtual" LAN interfaces present (like VMWare box or some VPN client).

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