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Revenge >:D

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I suck at writing things, so this will be horrible

I joined a pve survival dedicated server as willow. After wandering around for a few minutes, I reached a base with some people. I joined them and lasted a few days until the hounds ate me.  I logged off so that no one would lose sanity.

I came back an hour later and was revived! Yay.  Two new people came to our base while I was gathering food.  One of them made a hammer and started breaking everything.  After he broke everything that he could, he burned all of the bushes, berries, and grass that we had.  He said trolly things in addition to his trollyness.  I tried to burn him with my lighter, but he ran away to find another base to ruin.

I had nothing left besides a bit of food and my lighter.  So I decided to chase him around and attempt to burn him and his stolen Chester.  I succeeded in chasing him into two tier 3 spider dens and killing him.  The hordes of spiders happily began killing me as I watched his stupid Chester die.

What did we learn today (inside joke):  Revenge is amazing > :-)

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