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Looking for cool people to play with! (US pref.)

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Hey people! My name is Knife and I am looking for a few people to play with on my server.  As of now I have one who will be playing a lot with us and possibly another but either way I want more people :)  I tend to mainly use skype when I am chatting but I use teamspeak a lot as well.  I do also play a lot when I am in classes too so i dont really talk then(for obvious reasons).  I play on eastern coast time and I usually am on at night, and on and off throughout the day!  I'm looking to survive as long as we possibly can and getting a good base started soon! Just reply back and let me know! Looking forward to making a close group of don't starvers :D Peace!

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Hi my Steam user name is TheRitaradar and I am serious about playing. I have only been playing for about two weeks now. I mainly only play the single player game because I have not found a server that really functions well. If you want to play together add me on Steam and tell me how to find your server or how I can create a server for us to play on but be warned I have a twitch.tv/theritaradar account and I usually always record or live stream. I have been looking for a group to live stream with and this is a great game to do that with as long as it is not against any of Klei rules. So look me up and let me know. Thanks. TheRitaradar

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