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Game Modes

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I tried Lights Out to add an additional difficulty to the game.  It was great and have since tried out other self imposed modes to keep the game feeling fresh.  


Below is a few of the other types of self imposed "rules" & world settings I attempted.  I am sure people have already tried/thought up most of these modes (I am not claiming to have invented anything here).  I just wanted to make a list of styles of play that I thought were interesting and thought others may like to attempt.  


Not all of these were as successful as the well known Lights Out mode.  However, the were all fun to try (some more then others).  


Underground- Normal Setting but I moved into the caves after a short number of days above ground

*I went down on the 2nd day but ended up coming back up for a few days in winter in order to get the Tam O'Shanter and some more above ground only supplies


Summer Lights- Normal Setting but with Year round Summer & Always Day

*The most difficult I played/ Had to escape to the caves several times


No Impact- Normal Setting with the idea of leaving little to no trace that I was even in the world

Self imposed rules I used were:

-Unable to move resources/plants, destroy rocks, pick flowers, carrots, fireflies

-Only structures I can build are Science/Alchemy/Magic machines (but can only leave them up for 1 day)

-Can kill animals but not destroy the whole community (ex. destroy level 3 spider dens only but must replant the egg in the exact same spot)

-Allowed to use found structures (farms, crockpots, tents, drying racks, etc)

-Allowed to pick open cave/ruin location plugs

-Can chop down any tree that gives a pine cone but must replant the pine cone in the exact same spot


*I was pretty lucky with my world generation, finding a cave camp as well as an icebox in the desert biome.




None of these "game mode" ideas have definite rules.  I included a description of how I played it so that others may understand how it works.  Feel free to make it easier, more difficult, use mods, whatever.   The whole idea is to have fun after all.  


Please let me know if you have any more ideas for different ways to play.  Many of these different modes taught me to use items, structures and develop new strategies I had never thought of implementing before.



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