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Suggestion: Starting at the same time.

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So, I just started playing DST yesterday with a friend and noticed a problem. We didn't connect at the same time, resulting in me getting to Day 2 after night, while my friend gets to Day 2 some where around the middle of the day (which in my case, is Day 2). 


And here's the suggestion, could you add a new mode?

I'm thinking something like:

- Let the server wait for us to both be connected to a server

- The server MUST wait for both of us to choose a character, when we do, we have to ''ready'' up and then the server would connect us at the same time.


But the real problem I see here is that when someone leaves, what'd happen to the world? Does it pause? I was thinking we'd have to both connect to the server and when we're both there, we have to ''ready'' up again, and the world would resume from where we left off.


There also wouldn't be any problems about the servers with players, who just joined the server, and all of the other players are on, for example, Day 8,15,18,... That way, every player could start at the same time and also, I noticed that when you join a server with players on later Days, everything around the ''portal'' thingy seems to be looted, leaving me to explore for a longer time just to barely get an axe before night.


I'll let you think about it, something like 2 player co-op, but if it's not possible, I understand. I'll still love DST. <3

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@Legiix, The per-player day count is way less important than the UI suggests it is by displaying it by default. What really matters 90% of the time is the world day count. In the Always On Status mod, I switched the default behavior so it displays the world day by default. (Things that do depend on player day count: number of hounds and number of krampuses)


As for how servers behave when people leave, dedicated servers do not pause, and normal servers pause when the host leaves (because it shuts down the server).


But I think it would still be nice if the host could prevent the world from starting until everyone in the initial group had picked a character.

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