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Hotfix 123045 - 01/13/2015

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  • New player colours for player names and portrait borders have been added
  • Shadow creature volume now scales according to visibility
  • Added “-conf_dir <AlternativeConfigurationDirectory>” command line argument
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a generic disconnect message would be shown instead of the detailed message explaining the reason.
  • Fixed an issue where joining Steam friends would fail from the main menu and Steam launcher
  • Fix willow's ghost starting insanity fires
  • Fix typos in bishop, rook and knight that could cause a crash in retargeting
  • Move "Remote:" to the left of the console input widget
  • Unlock DST characters even when going into offline mode
  • Fix typo in Willow's inspect for grass
  • Fix typo in WX's inspect for treeguards
  • Use strings table instead of hardcoded backup value for invalid name in chatqueue
  • Fix SetFocus crash in ScrollableList
  • Fixed long stall in Mods screen when Steam is in Offline mode.
  • Abigail now despawns properly when Wendy despawns in Wilderness mode
  • Fixed a bug where entities sometimes do not go home when they should
  • Fixed crashes when a player disconnects while sleeping
  • Fixed some cases where items can be lost when a player disconnects
  • Combining blowdart stacks on the ground no longer equips it
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