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Desync problem

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I'm playing DST with my girlfriend, and her computer is old and slow, so we get a lot of desynchronysation, more than 5 seconds, I think. It occurs mainly when there is a lot of objects like tress and everything.

So, can it be fixed somehow? As I understand, making world smaller not gonna change much. 

I would really appreciate if someone can tell me some way to fix it, or at least make desync 1-2 seconds, not 5-8. 

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No, this cannot be fixed. It's dependent on various things. PC Specs mainly. Also, internet connection.

So, here's my version of the equation of internet specifications (this may not be fully accurate, but technically, I don't know the full reason):

Host's PC Specs+ Host's Internet+ Distance+ Player's PC Specs+ Player's Internet= Total Lag.


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