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Players will die... and sit there idle trying to kill other players sanity as ghosts. This is a bug.

Dead players need to be kicked after X minutes or not have an effect on people's sanity. 

If I want to kill people (easily) I could just die in Survival and go AFK.

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We just currently have no way to combat such behavior on Dedicated Survival Servers. 
Personally, I don't think removing sanity drain on Survival Servers will be better. Simply because it was placed there to make people actually work together. Though I do agree, that something needs to be done to counter non-productive players on Dedicated Survival Servers.
On automatic kicks of player ghosts that stays a ghosts for far too long: I think a better condition for that is if they stay as ghosts for X minutes while never being seen by another living player, they will simply fade away(get kicked) from the server. As if, forgotten. So player ghosts have no choice but to stay relatively close to other players for a certain period of time to be considered as "Remembered" and not be kicked. Then the living players will then end up reviving them. But if they explore the world on their own as ghosts for far too long they will be forgotten(kicked). Though this might not deter griefers in general, it will hopefully deter griefers from using the global sanity drain to ruin everyone's day. 
I just might make an entirely different suggestion topic about this.
For non-productive players, vote kick & vote ban would hopefully be a thing in the future. AFK Kick for that matter, should also exist wherein if someone that has stayed AFK for far too long should be automatically kicked off the server.


Lastly, you posted this in the wrong forum. DST's Suggestions and Feedback is here.

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