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[Suggestion] Random wilderniss/ Map sharing

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Hello Klei, or whoever reads this,


I play dont starve multiplayer for some weeks now, and i might have some nice ideas what inprove the game a lot in my opinion.


my idea is:

1:   a truly random wilderniss, because now when me and my friends spawn, we always find eachother in about 1 minute. and i think it would be lots more fun, especially when playing with pvp on, to spawn all around the world, instead of all in the same zone. same with the eyebone, wich always spawns in the starting zone to.


2:   another handy thing is to add a option for map sharing. because when we play multiplayer and someone dies, we always have the rule that that player lost, en others play further without the player who died.

so when the host dies, theres a hosting problem. 

so can you please add a option where you can give the map with the savedata to the other players?

(sending the official savefile in the map of klei does not work for us, it resets all data...)






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I don't know if this is in the right suggestion topic, but I think there should be map sharing in general... when we get seperated we experience different areas... but when we get back together we can't see what the other person has seen.... in the real world if two ppl have two different maps they would both update their maps so that both now knew the same information... (I know saying real world and trying to apply that logic to ds is kinda ... oxymoronic? if thats the right word) however it would still be nice. 

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