[General] - Authentication Error while Joining a Friend's Game


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Authentication Error while Joining a Friend's Game

Issue Description: I play this game with a friend.

When either of us host a game, we are not able to find each other's game on the servers list. We joined each other's game via steam profile's join game option which works for us. However, when we try to join each other's game after the recent patch/update, an authentication error pops up. And since then we could not join each other's game.

It would be best if we can just search for and join each other's game via the servers list. We can't find each other's hosted server even after switching on friend hosted.

Steps to Reproduce: We can't find each other's server on the servers list. Thus we join via each other's join game option on the steam profile.

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