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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Gameplay<br />Issue Title: Ghost?<br />Issue Description: I honestly have no idea what's going on.every time I try to join someone's sever I kinda spawn in the way a ghost would though I've never played that server (I'm not lagging out) I kind of walk around without the walking animation and my screen kinda goes black as if I keep joining the game all in the while my screen is gray a ghost would be.i can't pick up anything.when I do spawn in regulary my icon for hunger is 0%<br />And and the sanity and health don't have an icon there black. But when I scroll over them it says "-1.#IND".i also spawn without an inventory. each time I spawn in a different world it's just a whole other bug but yea...p.s. I can still die even thought im going through all this.i also can't go on forums on the computer for some reason & and this page is kinda everywhere which makes it hard to write<br />Steps to Reproduce: I honestly don't know.i just spawn in a bam! But what I do know is it started happening ever since I got the most recent update<br />
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