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Update Schedule for DST

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A simple link for the update schedule is all I'm looking for - the most recent update listed on the forums is over a month ago and I hope there is something more succinct than that. 


Bonus points for:

1) A link to the differences between DST and Single player 

2) Posting anything related to making very efficient use of the first 8 days (which for me has been entirely relegated to finding beefalo and doing nothing else until then - because its so much more efficient than anything else it just out scales  any other survival strat in a matter of days)

3) A way to make winter less boring

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the most recent update listed on the forums is over a month ago

I'm guessing you're only looking at the titled, postered updates. There have only been two of those so far (the Wolfgang/meteor one and the Ewecus one), and I don't think there are going to be many more, at least not before Through The Ages. As for hotfixes, they put new ones in the bug reports section (latest one from today), and shift old ones to the dev log section


1) There have been various attempts to compile, but the wiki page on DST is probably the best place, although it's still a little disorganized.

2) That's a very good strategy. Split up to find beefalo, give each person a task for collecting stuff meanwhile, then reconvene at beefalo and get a base up asap.

3) Get beefalo hats for everyone so you can actually do stuff away from base all day, then make sure to hit up all the walrus camps every 3 days and farm those sweet, succulent walrus drops.


Edit: Argh, I keep reverting to my old habit of browsing new topics from bottom to top, resulting in responding to the unused duplicate in cases like this... x_x

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