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Update Schedule for DST

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A simple link for the update schedule is all I'm looking for - the most recent update listed on the forums is over a month ago and I hope there is something more succinct than that. 


Bonus points for:

1) A link to the differences between DST and Single player 

2) Posting anything related to making very efficient use of the first 8 days (which for me has been entirely relegated to finding beefalo and doing nothing else until then - because its so much more effecient than anything else it just out scales  any other survival strat in a matter of days)

3) A way to make winter less boring

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Are you trying to find the news log?

If so, go to steam-> library->games->click on DSTB-> scroll down until you see a subtopic called recent news



A) I don't have a link but I can tell you the differences. First, in single player, there are no portals, tell-tale heart, booster shots, moon rocks(bolder and the moonrock item) and ewecus. They implemented warg, deerclops(the attack modifier and aoe, not the model) and several boons from DLC content . These DLC boons are: maxwell biome, the killer rook+backpack+honey bandage, living forest(im not sure).

Players don't die and come back as ghosts. Ghosts have several abilities http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Ghost_Players


B) efficient use of first days: dont start fire at day 1 and 2. Use a torch to travel farther and faster. Walk around the edge of the map. 

resources from Highest to lowest priority: gold->flint->silk->grass->twig->rock->reeds(only 8)->poop-> any food-> logs

set up a base either near beefalo herd or pig village.

be selfish: remember, your survival has higher priority than other players. Unless you play with friends, don't share your food unless you really have to. I learned this the hardway, until one person taught me: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037800333/

be nomadic: don't stay in a camp for more than three days, always keep moving and don't let other people distract you.

plan ahead: know what you want to do the next day, when you sit beside the campfire.

Sometimes it is better to collect all the essential things before you settle down, this may take more than 8 days.

Always bring a hammer

Ignore berry bush farm as much as possible. If you have to make a farm, create as many basic farms as possible(advanced is also welcome). These will prevent griefers,Willow players and you from starving the party. 


3) Kill deerclops, mc. tusks, pengulls, winter koalephants and ice hounds. Explore world. Show off the pimped cane and hat. Die in dignity. 



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