[Client Crash] - Mini Map causing host to crash


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Mini Map causing host to crash

Issue Description: So while playing/hosting a game of DST, I've been running around my map, I'm able to press the M to get the mini map open a couple of times, the all of a sudden, the game freezes and I can't do any thing at all. The other person was able to continue using the server, but once we log back in we've lost what we have done.

I Play on Steam, and can't find my .mdmp file.

Steps to Reproduce: This has happened three, while I was hosting. Just playing as normal or while using console codes.

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@SethR Ok, went back in pressed M a couple of times and then got killed by a Tallbird, then pressed M and the game froze.


Also added another copy of my log. The trouble is, after my game freezes what I just did is lost, well it normally would. I'm still dead.


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  • Developer

Thanks for uploading those, DW08. I don't see anything in your log that looks suspect. Have you tried verifying the integrity of your game's local files? I'm also curious if you crash after a few in-game days even if you don't use the map? Do you crash if you start the server and immediately press M a number of times?

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