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[Character Mod] Remilia, the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil[pre-release]

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Before I start:
Hello everyone. Today I am bringing you the very first mod that I will post(ever). It is a very simple mod compared with tons of other mods I have seen here,
so please, be nice with me :S . At first, I decided to make this mod just for me and some friends, but they told me to share it since they really like it(I needed to learn about Lua, and the traditional game code. I will make it compatible with DST after some time).
There is one special mod that gave me courage to start this one, it was a mod posted by Shia, based on a character named Satori, from Touhou Project(A series of games that has a huge fan-made content).
ZUN(creator of touhou) officially let us free to create any content of his game since we make it free for everyone, but I still need to have Shia's permission since I used her eyes, "head back" and "head side" textures. Other in-game textures where made by myself.
Code lines used where also my work, looking at the original characters of the game and some lines used here in this forum. I cant draw much since I have some shaking problems, its even worse with a mouse, but I did quite something.
Well, now, lets to the fun part...
A Character mod based on Remilia Scarlet , from Touhou Project.
Remilia is a vampire with hundreds of years old. She dreams in creating a safe world for her younger sister Flandre Scarlet(also a vampire), live. Because of that, throw the year, she created and now commands an army(of Youkais, fairys, and even a human).
As a vampire, she is very week during the day, but during the night her powers are unleashed, and, only during the full moon, her powers can get to its maximum. Since a vampire is not a "living being" any-more, her naturally cold blood makes her immune to cold.
Like any other vampire, blood is essential for her, but she can also eat vegetables, but they are not sufficient to fulfil her want for blood.  
Character Abilities
Since it still a work-in-progress, I will put her stats later wen they are a bit more balanced.
 - Looses HP, walk slower and deal low damage while exposed to the sun(read "future modifications").
 - Regenerates HP during Dusk, and at night it is doubled. Also gets extra movement speed and damage.
 - ONLY DURING FULLMOON: Night-vision, moves even faster and deal even more damage(thinking in          make it loose more sanity during this time)
 - Resistance to freezing.
 - Loves meat, fresh or cooked, both ways.
 - May eat vegetables, at the cost of sanity.(values need to be balanced)

Select screen(temporary):
- Lots of custom dialogs
- RoG compatible
Future plans to do:
- make umbrellas nullifies sun-damage
- deactivate the "red damage screen" on freezing, since they still appear even if does not take damage.
- change the select screen and big-portrait to something original(I know someone who can do this for me, but she is not home for some days)
**Any kind of help will be appreciated. On coding, art(even on portrait and SL), bug report, ANYTHING**
As soon as I can I will post download links.
Sorry for my english.

If I am breaking any rules, please, notify me.

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I cant draw much since I have some shaking problems
The art actually looks pretty good! One thing you might want to do to make her a little more readable is do some black outlines-- if you look at other things in-game, pretty much everything has a fairly solid outline.


As for uploading it, the best place to put it is on the Steam workshop, since that handles all of the autodownloading for anyone who joins your games.


But I don't think you're breaking any rules here. I'd be surprised if Shia wasn't okay with you taking a few bits of art like that, but definitely try to get official support :)


I will probably check back here when I'm more awake and perhaps take a crack at implementing some of those perks.

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The art actually looks pretty good! One thing you might want to do to make her a little more readable is do some black outlines-- if you look at other things in-game, pretty much everything has a fairly solid outline.

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will surely make the black outlines now, I think I forgot about that.

And again, any kind of help will be useful ^^.

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Hello Again. I was trying to find a way to talk with Shia, but I can't find any appropriate way(I don't know why, but I cant leave a message in his/her feed here in the forum), so I decided to upload this mod to Steam Workshop, and of course, giving the appropriated credits. If at ANY  TIME he/she prefer to not have her content on this mod, I will take them out.

Here is the workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=372200936

I am trying to upload it here too, but for some reason I can't enter on the upload page .-.(don't know if this have something to do with the fact that I can't change my profile pic too r-r ) 



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Hello! I found this post while looking for Don't Starve and Touhou related things and I feel honored that you took my mod as an inspiration ^^

It's okay if you used some of my textures for it, just stating that somewhere is enough. I wish I could help with a portrait but I'm currently busy with porting my own mod to DST. Anyways, I wish you all the luck and I hope to see more of your mod (or any Touhou ones) on Don't Starve.

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