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Dealing with Shadow monsters?

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Heyo, me and my friends ran into this problem when playing the game, it seems like Shadow Monsters are nigh on invulnerable, me and a buddy (One as willow and the other Wilson) spent about 20 seconds fighting one with spears and it just never died, it eventually nibbled us to death because lag and it seems like Crawlers have a right quick attack. Are they just obscenely durable? Is there a bug involved? Are we just that incompetent? I'd appreciate some help and feedback on the matter, thank you.

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Their health remains like in single player.


However, shadows are untargetable when they are roaring, so it's very difficult to hit them in the moment where they should be vulnerable.


Because of the lag you will have to move out of the attack way before they actually bite if you have movement prediction enabled. Consider disabling movement prediction and getting ham bats/tentacle spikes and wood armor + football helmets to tank them and kill them fast.

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Together, you fall, individually, you're strong...


So, Nightmares are typically average on the danger scale... individually, in great numbers, they're trouble, especially Terror Beaks...


Crawlers, are slow end easy to kite... in DST however, they are dicks.


They phase into limbo and back from time to time... usually, you can attack them after they attack... come close for them to bite but avoid it and double-back to strike it... it disappears... and reappears in close proximity.


I don't know how much your combat damage is divided when other players are present... probably 1/2 if 2, 1/3 if 3 and so on...


so, when battling one, a single hit from you will make it disappear and your friends won't be able to hit it until it reappears again... but again, only one hit, then it disappears.


I usually just take it on myself, kiting and such with a hambat and log armor and football hat...


About the lag, the host should probably be the one to take them on... you just try to avoid... or fight if you want...


Oh yeah, when it yawns :3 it often becomes invulnerable... so... yeah...

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Also consider the following:


When one shadow goes to attack player 1, it focuses on that player 1 and the other player 2 can get close and attack it once without problem.

Then the shadow will disappear and refocus on the player 2, that attacked it.

Then, you switch roles with the other player.


Agree with a friend to attack the shadows that aren't following you and viceversa.

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