Starting RoG Tutorial Videos... Hope they become useful


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Hello world! I have spent (or wasted :razz:) some years playing Don't Starve game, and have played Reign of Giants expansion for quite a time now and wish to share all the knowledge I have accumulated so far.


Now, the Don't Starve Together is quite a big thing. But before jumping into survival with others, let's become a pro by practicing on Reign of Giants!



This is a sort of 'Lets play' tutorial 

Hope they become useful and I will make sure to upload them as frequently as possible


Link to my channel:


First video (Also my first video on YouTube so please be nice)


Thank you guys!

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Hello world! Now the tutorial is getting little more fun with hunting and killing! Here is the third episode of my How Not To Starve Tutorial! Hope you guys get some use out of this tutorial!


You will also discover the INFINITE MEAT MAGIC (well, it's a bug really) in this episode!



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