[Server Crash] - connection to Klei Failed


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: connection to Klei Failed

Issue Description: I purchase Don't Starve Together. My PC can't connect to klei server,But other computer I login my steam user to play as usual. please help me . T_____T

When I open a game the message says.. " Could not connect to Klei's servers. Characters and worlds from online games will be unavailable. Continue and play offline? " In the login screen, no game's character at the bottom left edge of the screen.I don't know what to do.Y_Y

my email : getjang601@hotmail.com

my steam : getty555

Thank you for reading this message.

Sorry, my english is not good enough. Y_Y

Steps to Reproduce: ,,,I don't know what to do. Q^Q.

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  • Developer

@getty555, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having.


We have heard of two work arounds for this issue so far:


- Disable anti-virus,  and add an exception to your fire wall


- Run the application in admin mode

Right click on the dontstarve_steam.exe (SteamApp/Common/DontStarveTogether/bin)  Run as Admin.


Please let me know if any of those help.



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