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Connection questions

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Hi guys,


I have some questions about the connection of DST.

Im playing in a server with friends and we have lag, does that mean the host is bad or that the servers of klei are not working properly? How does the server connection work?


And does the "good/ok" host matter? Or is it just a term of (<30 ping = ok, 30> ping = bad)


Thanks, i hope you'll understand my questions.

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DST handles connecting by using your computer as the server. I think that'd take up some data. Plus then each person is some data since the server has to transmit what's happening on your screen and everybody else's screen to one another. So here's my equation (I don't know the full thing but this is my closest guess).


Distance+Internet Connection (I'm guessing this includes the internet service provider)+ PC Specs=Total Ping

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