[Graphics] - Cannot see other players in game.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Issue Title: Cannot see other players in game.

Issue Description: While hosting a game, I cannot see the other player's characters. I can see their shadow, their chat, items they drop and build, and everything else except their character. I can even see their character token if they are slightly off screen.

Steps to Reproduce: It happens in every game we tried, regardless of who was hosting. May be machine-dependent problem?

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@caffeinejunky, That's... really weird. You don't have any mods enabled, do you? (I don't know of a mod that causes this, but it could definitely be accomplished by one). Also, attaching your log file after hosting a game where invisible characters join might be helpful. You could also try verifying the integrity of the game cache, maybe one of the files downloaded with an error...


The log file should be located hereabouts:

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