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Shared Map Mod?

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One Mod I would love to see is a shared map. Not just a whole map reveal, and not just arrows on screen pointing to where people are... but a shared map, with our face icons on it, that we can gradually reveal together. I looked for such, but I didn't see it. If I missed it, please direct me to it! I'm not a programmer at all, or else I'd do it myself. I have no idea how hard a request this is, but we only started playing in the last few days, and that was our biggest critique/wish.

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@mistypaw, Unfortunately this is something that is virtually impossible (or I guess an unsolved problem) right now. The map is generally very hard to work with, and only provides a few ways to interact with it. I'm pretty sure if any modder knew how to do it, it would have several versions on the workshop now.


Hopefully Klei will implement some way of sharing maps in the future. Once this is done, it will probably be possible to create mods that share the map in other ways. 

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Actually this sure should be possible (I havnt programmed much in DS, but i do know how to programm in c,java)

If I would programm it I would programm A "virtual server char" who's map gets updated by all players and than every char gets to see his map.

Updating the map for every single char is already implemented so giving the updates to the "virtual server char" shouldnt be too hard

the hard thing may be sharing the map (maybe mapdata is private to the chars) and it should be a bit work so that the "virtual server char" has no other data than the map cause we dont want a new char.


OK after looking over it, it should be some work, and i wont do it cause i got university and stuff, but it sure should be possible, just not easy to do.


Btw and u always have do connect disconnet every char with the map char if some1 joins and leaves


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