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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Multiple Clients Disconnect At The Same Time

Issue Description: In hosting my server, I've noticed that now and again, some or all of my clients disconnect at exactly the same time. This is sometimes but not always accompanied by a large delay in my game during the disconnect. (and the tab-players screen showing me as a bad host and everyone else with a very large ping (5-10 seconds), followed by it jumping back to good host and pings in the 30ms range for whoever remains)

In many of these circumstances, the players are able to immediately reconnect and ask if I know why they were disconnected, and where everybody else went.

In many of these circumstances, one other player stays connected and asks what happened.

In one of these circumstances, I noticed that someone else had just started using my home connection to start streaming video, so I strongly suspect adding some network congestion will cause this to occur. Other times this has occurred, I believe I was the only person home...

Steps to Reproduce: Host servers for long periods of time?

Sometimes my laptop is pretty hot when this occurs... but its always pretty hot hosting DST...

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