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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Unable To Log In - Email Already In Use

Issue Description: Before launching Don't Starve Together, my SO linked me to the account creation page saying I would need to register my email to play. I registered my email without issue, but now that I actually start the game and click 'Play' it gives me a dialog saying that it's my first time playing so I will need to create an account. I'm unable to proceed, as I've already created my account beforehand -- it just gives me an email in use error when I try to enter it again.

There's no log in option from what I see. The game just assumes I have not registered my email already, as it's my first time trying to play.

I'd also like to use my already registered email and not a throwaway address.

Not sure how to proceed. I've attached the log file, in case there's any useful information there.

Steps to Reproduce: 1) Register email before playing game

2) Try to play game

3) No option to play with registered email, only button to create new account

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