Character in honour of MrGmview. rip.

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mrgmview is a youtuber who got me into don't starve i used to follow his videos like a tv show and all of a sudden he stopped uploading. now months later i came to check on his youtube account and it appears he has passed away. seeing he showed me and i think a good portion of the dont starve community the game and how to play it so i think it would be appropriate for klei to honour him and the best i can come up with is making a character dedicated to him even though one of the last things he posted was:


Please Do NOT sign petitions to make me a vanity Don't Starve character. That is what mods are for. I asked the moderators to kill that thread in forums. I do not & never have favored the Developers spending time on Vanity LPer Characters instead of game play that benefits everyone. Hundreds of LPers have done DS. Do you really want the developers spending now to eternity on a character for each one, instead of DLC, fixes & other game content? I don't.


i really think he deserves it just watch some of his videos and you will most likely agree


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