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  1. it asks you wich one you find harder to survive. winter gear is much much easier to get im not sure what items youre talking about but the hardest winter item would be the bearger vest and you dont even need it to survive. the minimum you need for winter would be a torch and a catcap or even the bunny earmuffs and you can get a beefalo hat and puffy vest without alot of effort the minimum for summer is a heat stone and a high-visibility vest and the iceflinger if you care about your stuff also if you want a summer hat you need to find a deerclops. there isnt alot of summer gear and theres loads of winter gear available that alone makes getting summer gear harder and if you compare the hypothermia and the overheating you can heat yourself up when youre body temperature drops anywhere very easily just by burning some stuff. when youre overheating youre pretty much ******* fucked, youre gonna need a fridge or that big Goose feather so yeah summer is endlessly harder than winter
  2. im running this mod with rog and i havent encountered any problems so far
  3. when i have my moggles on at dawn and take them off its night again
  4. im guessing theyre adding a new season looking at that poster and new trees
  5. so whats this guys background? does he come from the world wilson got sucked into???