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I really want to make a special character for myself, but I really don't know anything about coding (I know enough to fiddle with some values, but that's about it.) I'm not the best artist in the world ether, so it would be nice to get someone that can code and do the sprites as well.


I would like it if the character is made for Don't Starve (vanilla) and Don't Starve Together, but if you can, I would like RoG compatibility too~


This character is based off of my fursona, and I will leave a link below for artists to have a reference to work off of (it is Clean/SFW).


Here is the idea:

Character name: Lunie

Health:  75

Hunger: 125

Sanity:  250

Starting Item: Telelocator Staff




• Teleporting (Wormhole/Telelocator Staff) does not cost Sanity to use. (Can use Hunger instead

• Has fur that insulates her in the Winter (Causes her to build up heat faster in Summer in RoG?)

• Hates the rain. (x3 Sanity loss in the rain, Umbrella only reduces loss to normal.)

• Likes Shiny things. (Gets a Sanity boost from being near Gems, Gold Nuggets, Melty Marbles, and structures that use Gems.)

• Eyes glow in the dark (purely cosmetics)



Link to reference image:


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I have been looking at the other characters' coding and feel good about trying to do most of the coding myself.


Though I do need help with a few things:

• Coding to remove sanity cost of Teleporting.

• Coding to increase Sanity loss in rain.

• Coding to gain Sanity from being around certain items/structures.

• Coding to make the eyes glow separately (if possible).

• Sprite Art and such.


What I am currently working on/already finished:

• Character's Stats

• Character's Lines

• Character's Starting Item

• Insulation in Winter (still figuring out how to do heat build up in Summer)

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