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Category: General

Issue Title: Discovered Reason for Lag

Issue Description: A lot of people (myself and my friends included) have experienced lag and rubber-banding when playing DST. After performing experiments with my friends, we've discovered that lag only arises when clients get a certain distance away from the host in-game.

I'm not sure exactly why this is, but a possible reason could be due to increased data transmission from the host to client containing the map data and creature ai information. If the map information isn't pieced together for the client fast enough, this could be perceived as lag, at least, that's the theory.

This may be way off, but it is worth investigating. I can say, at least, that the lag does not happen when host and client characters stick close together at all times.

Steps to Reproduce: Host and client join a server.

Host remains still (at portal is a good map marker).

Client runs in a straight line away from the host.

Beyond a certain distance, the client begins to lag.

"lag": rubberbanding, seemingly glitching around the area, unable to pick up items/ taking a long time to pick up items, lag in beginning/ completing actions such as cutting down trees.

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You are correct that the server has do to more work when players are not near each other.  But this should be mostly CPU work, not bandwidth.   If your server host is doing too much CPU work it will begin to slow down and rubber banding will occur.


Can you check the Host (server) performance when this happens?  By pressing TAB you will see how the host is performing.  If the Host is "Good" things should be smooth,  "OK" may mean the occasional glitch or lag,  and when "BAD" you should expect plenty of rubber banding.


We are working on more performance optimizations to improve this,  but in the mean time you can try to reduce this issue by having the host be the person with the fastest/best computer.  



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