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I love the Don't Starve , and i like the difficulty of R&G which is very difficult for a single player, so maybe adding R&G with all characters and everything to Don't Starve Together could be very nice and really balancing

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Me and a friend had the same issue so we did the following settings and it made the game a challenge again and therefore enjoyable again.


All resources less. Long winter (this gave about 10 days of summer and 40~50 days of winter). Deerclops more, Krampus more, Hounds more, Beefalo always horny. Also no mods that make things easier, i.e. throwable spears or max stacks. Were a few other settings but i wasn't host.


We made it to day 112 when the 4th deerclops arrived, we killed him only to get swarmed by the next wave of hounds which numbered about 20~25. Was more fun then the default settings.

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