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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: [LAG] When penguins invade your camp

Issue Description: -Steam (PC)

-No Mods

-Build 481473

-Hosting game with 2 other friends.

-Core2Duo PC, 2 GB Ram (2006)

-Cable Internet

Some observations on network performance during a roughly 4 hour session (up to early winter, day 22/23).

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Every 20-30 minutes, there will be a massive lag spike that lasts around 20 sec to 2 minutes.

2. Once the penguins appeared and settled in our base camp, the stuttering and lag became continuous. There was also a loitering tree giant in our base. Friends (clients) lag seemed to be worse than for me (host).

Early in the game, when we met large numbers of beefalo or wolves, performance was not that much affected.

The large group of penguins however, more than a dozen of them, seem to bog down network performance.

Thank you.

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