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Impossible to Purchase During Steam Sale

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So I'm a customer for original Don't Starve. Someone gifted me the Don't Starve Together. A few problems with this:


1. As a current customer, I receive DST free on release.

2. There's a sale on Steam and only owners can take advantage.

3. Steam doesn't allow people who own the game to buy the sales packages.


So ....I basically can't buy copies -- and I'm supposed to be the target customer for the sale (my friends who don't own the game cannot see the $5 sale).


Is this an oversight? If customers like me are the only ones who can take advantage of the sale, and Steam doesn't allow us to make a purchase ...?


Thanks for your help. Happy holidays. And I hope I get to take advantage of this deal. 

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@Doone, You get the 75% off on the Frontier Pack if you have DS. If you have DST, though, you can't buy it (because you already have DST, so using the sale for further gifting purposes is apparently against Steam's policies). So that's why you can't buy it, but it still appears as 75% off because you have DS.


It's pretty convoluted, I know, but that's the situation.

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