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I think we can all agree it is time for bigger and new chests. I am also considering the case that as Don't Starve develops..more and more different items will be made available, which makes making more and more chests seem silly.This is also in line with the new krampus threat.

1) Bigger chests

One thing I love about Don't starve is item managing and looking at the trophies I have accumulated during my time surviving on this weird and wonderful island.

However having 8-10 chests in a single area or having to travel between chests with no discernible differences can be irritating and frustrating at times.

I suggest a bigger chest we can build possibly using more stones/planks/paper etc.

If possible maybe allow for upgrading of chests?This is so that we don't have to make a new one..we can just upgrade our current on without having to waste time destroying the smaller one.

having 16 slots or 25 slots will make item admiring easier. Also I like arranging my items like keeping food together or keeping materials together etc.

2)Chests with different designs(does not necessarily have to affect the krampus AI)

Ideas from current item pool-

Gold chest-made up of gold and planks duh(make this a chest krampus is more likely to attack)

Ugly chest-made up of spotted tentacles and planks(make this a chest krampus is less likely to attack)

Beautiful chest-made up of red bird feathers and planks

Stone chest-maybe just plant this on an existing stone rock?

Invisible chest(lol)

spiky chest-made with stings(stings krampus when it attacks this chest)

Last point. You can always argue that ppl are not meant to turtle or build elaborate bases but you cannot deny the fact that there will be players who can beat the game with nothing much to do in game after. I think making different chests is a form of value adding and differentiates my game from someone elses game. This is also another way to suck inevitable excess resources from players who find themselves sitting on 100 feathers or gold with no apparent use for them.

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