[Gameplay] - Unable to Pickup Dropped Head Items


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Unable to Pickup Dropped Head Items

Issue Description: Have had significant difficulty clicking on hat items once they are dropped on the ground. Cursor will only register as interacting with the object randomly and / or intermittently, and sometimes not at all, potentially making it impossible to recover an item that has been dropped. Has mostly only happened with hat items for myself and my wife while playing Don't Starve Together

Steps to Reproduce: Drop hat items on the ground. In some instances, they will be near impossible to pick up once placed on the ground.

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  • Developer

We've seen some reports of individual types of items not being clickable (or having very strange and small clickable areas). If you could provide a list of the actual items that you're having trouble with, that would help a lot. I've not yet seen this exist as a global issue... Thanks!

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