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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: Days stuck
Issue Description: When i press tab the days stays the same, my day, the world they, everyone's day.
The sun cycle days are fine, only in tab its not moving. (didn't happend for me in the old UI)

Steps to Reproduce: -pressed tab saw everyone's day, -waited 1/2/3+ days, -days didn't change

I was trying to play normal, asking other people in the server which world day is it.
Can you make an option to switch to the old UI, which there wasn't happend to me or tell me what to do to fix this issue?


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@Fnly, I don't understand what the issue is. You're keeping the scoreboard up for a long time, and day counts aren't changing while it's up? Or bringing it up once freezes it forever (including when you bring it up again)? or...???

@rezecib, let me explain again. lets say im at Day 1, I open the tab well im at day 1 and the world at day 1. but after a while lets say day 5, the days at the scoreboard didn't changed from day 1.

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@Fnly, But are you keeping the scoreboard open that whole time? Because yeah, I don't think the scoreboard updates while you keep it open, but you should able to just toggle it to get it to update.

Nono, i close it after i check what i need

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