Exhaustible food sources and respawning spiders

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Hey guys,i have a suggestion about the foodsources: I think they should be exhaustible. For example, when you harvest a berrybush, there should be a chance, that the bush will completely die. Or when you overhunt the bunnies, the hole will eventuelly close. Since you can plant crop in your own fields, it may lure some evil creatures, which steal your harvest over night.Another suggestion about the spiders: I think they should respawn. If you kill too much nests, you hold your camp island virtually spider-free. Whats about, when the spiders starts to make new nests (related on ingame days?), when they wander around at night, preferable near the players camp.That means, you are forced to move on, and don't camp too long in one area.What do you think?PS: ok, the suggestions are somewhat casual, and the foodsystem was mentioned by other peoples before, so nvm :rolleyes:PSS: I'll put my full conclusions in the best things/worst things thread, when i've, well... my full conclusions

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