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how do you access to Don't Starve Together - BETA because i can not

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g'day all i bought the Don't Starve Together  frontier pack  but even though it said that i already have the beta i could not find it what so ever in my steam account so i still bought  it but still can no find it  and yet it said i will get another one free but i cant see the gift in the inventory 


i go into the dlc page and beta page nothing listed there  and i still didn't get any email confirm the purchase i received no code what so ever  could someone plz help me out


would i have to re - install steam I'm not to sure if that would work though 

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Make sure you actually fully completed the purchase, and were actually charged via whatever payment method you used. Check the bank, paypal, etc. Make sure you have access to the correct steam email you signed up with, because the confirmation will always be sent to that email. If you didn't get an email from steam at all, to me, this suggests maybe the purchase wasn't completed for whatever reason. 

If you were charged, but the purchase didn't seem to go through (no record, no email, make sure to check spam!) your best recourse would be to contact Valve because this seems like a Steam glitch or there was something wrong with the payment method, and they'd be best able to help you since they have your money. If you don't have access to the original email anymore you will have to change it via steam and reconfirm it, and probably contact Valve's customer service about any emails you didn't get that you need.

Best of luck.

EDIT: To clarify, your copy of the beta should show up in your library, not under Don't Starve, but under its own tab labeled Don't Starve Together Beta. The copy for your friend should be an item in your Inventory. If these things aren't added to your account, and you have confirmed your purchase (i.e. with the bank) then you should open a ticket about your issue with Steam Support here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2207-IDME-4443

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