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Why host and all other players share their lag ?

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Hey guys,


Sry for my bad english, you are free to correct myself, but i have a question to ask, and maybe someone here have a correct answere.


Actually i'm hosting a public server. My ping is very low and when (french) people join my server with a good connexion, we don't encounter any problem. But when someone turn up with an high ping, we get all lag !


Why ? On the other games, the lag is only generated by the host, not by all the players. So, what is wrong with DST ? Everybody host some part of the serv to help the host ?


I just want to unterstand the interest of this unique system and why it's not like than usual.


Ow, and apparently, on Diabu's server (dedicaced), we are not impacted by the ping of the other users. We can see people with 300 ping and play on it normally.

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