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Email not Validated

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Hi there !


I bought Don't Starve Together yesterday and I have trouble validate email. 


I clicked "Play!", filled the registration form and clicked the link in the validation email. It opened the web browser on "Register complete".

I went back on Don't Starve Together and clicked "Play!" again but it opens a window "Email Not Validated".


I tried :

-resend the email but there is an error code : "E_EMAIL_IN_USE"

-another email, with another error code : "E_STEAMID_IN_USE".

-validate email by copying the url

-validate email on Chrome and Firefox


Please help me !



PS : I didn't practice english since ... I don't remember so I am sorry if there are mistakes.

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  • Developer

Hello Redikant,


I'm super sorry about this! you account became corrupt from some nasty bug on our side.  We are working to fix those users who have corrupted accounts asap.  


Could you please email us with the email address(es) you used to register to: livesupport@kleientertainment.com


Please include a link to this post in your email.




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