[Client Crash] - 100% crash rate about 1 minute after entering game. Unplayable lag on outside servers.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: 100% crash rate about 1 minute after entering game. Unplayable lag on outside servers.

Issue Description: I'm on an older system and a laptop to boot. It has 32 bit Windows, Intel Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset graphics(which is not the same as the chipset you specifically don't support, I believe), and 4gb of RAM. I've attached the exact stats in a text file.

I can set up a server and launch a server. I can join a server with much lag in online games and LAN games. Lag happens for joining player if I host or not.

Lag takes the form of several second delay in executing commands, even movement. Also getting stuck in place, only able to spin in place.

In single player there is no noticeable lag and I'm able to play the game doing all the normal things like gathering and crafting for about a minute and then the game crashes 100% of the time, without fail within a few short minutes. Maybe 5 minutes at most, more often about 1 or 2. This happens in single player or online multiplayer.

There is an error from windows, it says something like. "dontstarve_steam.exe has stopped working." and it wants to go online and check for a solution. (this does not find a solution, I have checked)

Here's the error message output:

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: dontstarve_steam.exe

Application Version:

Application Timestamp: 54923912

Fault Module Name: MSVCR90.dll

Fault Module Version: 9.0.21022.8

Fault Module Timestamp: 47313dce

Exception Code: 40000015

Exception Offset: 000731cf

OS Version: 6.0.6002.

Locale ID: 1033

Additional Information 1: 8d81

Additional Information 2: 4e66d4722893be2dffa15d1abd519ec1

Additional Information 3: 5809

Additional Information 4: 07ba5b17ee23afeae6b57d4fc9021795

Steps to Reproduce: Attempt to play the normally on this particular device with this software.

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