[General] - LAN not avaible?


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: LAN not avaible?

Issue Description: I have tried to play in LAN but the client does not find the host who created the server, and there is no place to enter the local IP manually.

we can play without problem over the internet, but being the computers in the same table, play using internet just add useless lag to the the experience, so i want to know if the LAN variable is just a placeholder is is bugged.

Steps to Reproduce: Make sure both computers reach one to another over the lan and are friend on steam

On the host PC

open the game > play > host > set to LAN, start the game.

on the client PC

open the game > play > filter to friend only


no games visible

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@Horrorizer, There's also a filter for LAN, which defaults to Off. I'd use that instead of the Friends Only filter.

Ok I was able to find that filter now, it is so buried that I would never find it (din't saw that arrow until you remark)

fell free to close this report.

and maybe think about making the game multi-player lobby more user friendly

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