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I think they despawn after the season change, but most of the time they will leave an amount of damage to your environment. Such as dragonfly burning your berry bushes, destroy pig houses and etc. If you feel/hear them coming, just jump towards a wormhole and stay there until the warning stops. After that, the giant will spawn in that area, leaving your base safe.

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I don't think that strategy works anymore.


To quote what happened to me recently:


During Autumn Bearger spawned at about day 85 or so. I jumped into a wormhole and he spawned on the other side, where upon i jumped back to my base and lsot him on the other side. 15 days later when winter came, I quit the game. When I started up the game again, bearger was there destroying my rabbit pen. I was wondering if this was a bug, or if giants no longer despawn when seasons change.


The area i lost him in was really far away from my base too. Did he really walk that far to my base just to spite me? T.T



I posted this in the bug tracker but no one responded. xD

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