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Don't Lag Together?

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Don't Starve Together is awesome, don't get me wrong. I support Don't Stave Together wholeheartedly (I bought early access). And I know it's still in its beta, but the networking issues are pretty bad. The motion prediction that is enabled by default makes the game seem to run pretty smooth. Whenever you press a key, your character moves instantly, just as if you were in Singleplayer, whenever motion prediction is turned on. However, with motion prediction, it is more difficult to kite because I assume it predicts where your character is going to be. Because of this, it does not show you in your true location, causing you to get hit by enemies who you thought you were far away from. So I tried playing with the motion prediction turned off. The con of this was that there was a small delay every time I pressed a key to move my character. However, I was able to kite a lot better with motion prediction turned off because when I saw that my character was out of range of, say, a werepig, I knew that I was away from the werepig and there was no chance he would hit me. So, in conclusion, as of the moment, in DST, you either choose to enable movement prediction in order to have no delay with movement, but have a larger hit box for mobs to hit you, or you can turn movement prediction off and have a delay with your movements, but know where you actually are and have a smaller hit box and/or kiting ability. So those are my thoughts on the aspect of Movement Prediction in DST.

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