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Chat system/mechanic - autohide when mouse click

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I'm sorry if there is already similar thread.

i tried to search but couldn't find one.




So, i died today. because my chat box was open. and i got attacked.

i panicked, the 1st thing i did was clicking my mouse to make the character moved.

but i can't :<

because it's lock since the chat box was open.


the next thing i did was trying to hit enter/esc to cancel the chat box. but it's too late.

since the damage i received is too big because i didn't equip my log suit (i was traveling and using my backpack). log suit still in inventory.


my suggestion is, make it work like some other game.

while your chat box is up. and the user/players are using mouse click on the screen beside the chat box area.

it automatically hide/cancel the chat.


it would be great if the text you have already typed are still there and you can continue it the next time you open the chat box again.


This would be great




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