[General] - startup window not in screen

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: startup window not in screen

Issue Description: Hi,

First of all, you're making a Great game!!!

Recently after the last update when I start the game the game seems to start normally but no window pops up. The title tune plays and the task bar the logo is in place. Is this a known issue?

Steps to Reproduce: it happens when I start it on the desktop icon and in the steam app.

I use a windows 7 PC, i-core 5-4670K with 290x video card and 8gb Ram

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This happens to me sometimes too, but I don't know what I ended up doing prior to closing the game that triggers this to happen the next time I open the game.


Try this, though: Press Alt+Enter a few seconds after the main menu music starts playing. If that doesn't work, press them again a few seconds later. That ends up working for me every time. It's like there's a bug with the game going into fullscreen.

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