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Hey guys,


I just wanted to let you all know about my new Let's Play series of RoG.

I'm somewhat of a newb to RoG, but I have a pretty good grasp on the base game.


I'm posting 2-3 20 minute episodes per week.

If you think you'd be interested, here's a link to the Youtube playlist:





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Watched it. Thanks for sharing @microapple.
Firstly, from what I can tell I believe you are playing with a mouse and keyboard, correct? There are some hotkeys that I think you should know that would definitely save time with the LP.

  • Spacebar - In the controls settings it is set for the Do Action, which means do any action doable that is close enough to your character. i.e. pickup flint/grass/twigs/flowers/rocks/etc., chop/mine trees/rocks while holding the proper tools, etc.
  • CTRL + F - Force Attack, even without a weapon you can force-attack on neutral mobs. Mainly butterflies, if you hit them while they're fluttering in a single spot you can get butterfly wings for food, so get them whenever you can hit them. 

Secondly, towards the end of your EP1, the mob that drops manure for farms are called Beefalos. But personally I call them Beefies, less syllables. Third and last point, from my experience of Don't Starve LPs, 3 Whole In-Game Days Per Episode is a good balance  from my perspective. Unless you prefer to chop the video up by specific tasks you are doing. Anyhow If you knew about the things above already or I have mistakenly spoiled an aspect of the game you wanted to figure out on your own, I'm sorry. 
Nonetheless, Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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